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ISEK entrepreneurship services are based on accelerating the market output of the current product and developing the potential product. Pilot Manufacturing Plants, consultant&mentoring, access to international markets, accelerating program and Bio Design Program are some our services. Bio Design Program which is designed to experience in the clinical areas especially before the development of innovative device / project / solution suggestions, ensures that the real needs of the industry are observed and collected in a certain systematic by inter-disciplinary teams.


The medical device pilot manufacturing plants (ISO 14644 ventilation independent clean rooms), which consists of modular clean rooms that are required for CE approval and ISO 13485 certificates and comply with GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) requirements within Teknopark Istanbul, are leased for short/mid-term to startup companies and SMEs working on specific fields of medical biotechnology. With the capacity building, new clean rooms with Class 7 standards suitable for medical device and biotechnology studies, including pass boxes and office areas with modular cabin system, will be in operation in 2021.


The studies are for the localization of an internationally recognized test and laboratory services that have to be obtained from abroad. In this context, studies are carried out by a professional team.
Please follow current studies and developments on our blog.

Please follow current studies and developments on our blog.


Within the scope of this work package, to building a sales and marketig strategies, international fair participations, UR-GE Project (Supporting The Development Of International Competitiveness) and trade acceleration programs are carried out.
You can contact us to benefit from the support regarding our business packages.
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